Marketing Communication Services

Marketing Communication

Hello Healthcare can identify bottlenecks in strategic and organizational planning and work out intelligent solutions. What is unique about your product? What is the added value for the customer? How can you communicate this? Which structures does your organization need to succeed in development, planning and execution of your goals? Using our medical expertise and knowledge about markets and target groups, we can develop customized strategies for sustainable success.

Content Marketing

Content marketing creates and distributes relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly-defined and well-understood target audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Healthcare marketing is shifting from simply outlining product benefits to delivering meaningful, timely and differentiated content that creates a connection and brings companies closer to their customers and target audiences. Hello Healthcare develops and implements accurate and targeted content marketing strategies while making the most efficient use of your budget, time and resources.

Medical Communication

Hello Healthcare offers medical communications that are uniquely positioned to ensure that your biopharmaceutical and diagnostic products benefit from thorough data analyses and communications excellence. Our highly qualified data analysts, medical writers and communication experts, supported by our creative team, work to leverage all available innovative communication channels for enhanced customer engagement. 

PR and Media

Broadcasting and publishing above-the-line communications to mass audiences is a crucial part of building brand awareness and driving sales. Hello Healthcare can develop a PR and media plan that will play an important role in your successful marketing strategy. 

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